Our team

Henrikki Palva

+358 40 514 9946

Since establishing VALOR, Henrikki has been the managing partner responsible for the daily management of the firm and actively participating in advisory work. He has been in the advisory business since 1996: at Carta Corporate Advisors (currently part of Booz) 1996-1998 and founding partner at Nordic Adviser Group 1998-2011. Prior to his consulting career, Henrikki was responsible for corporate planning at Amer Sports and especially the entry into winter sports business.

Henrikki has extensive experience across industries and strategic issues related to growth, operational improvement and M&A. Geographically the assignments have stretched from Far-East Asia to North America. Henrikki has a special interest in corporate strategy, ownership issues and M&A.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Henrikki is the father of four children. Combining intensive consulting work with family life does not often leave much spare time. However, skiing, boating, travelling and enjoying the atmosphere at their country house are excellent opportunities to relax and spend time as a family.

Matti Saarikoski

+358 50 649 10

Matti has worked in management consulting since 1996 and was a co-founder of Nordic Adviser Group, a predecessor to VALOR, in 1998. Matti has worked in a wide range of assignments, typically relating to strategy, M&A, and ownership issues.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Helsinki School of Economics (currently part of Aalto University).

Outside of the office, Matti enjoys outdoor activities and training his Bracco, an Italian pointing dog.

Antti Halonen

+358 50 577 3180

Antti has worked as a management consultant since 2005, and been a Partner at VALOR since 2011. Before VALOR, he worked as a software developer in the financial sector. Antti has extensive experience in strategy, M&A, market research and business development assignments. He is a highly respected expert in ICT and media industries. Antti holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Helsinki University of Technology.

Outside work Antti enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Sports, such as biking, floorball and skiing are among Antti’s favorite free time hobbies. If there is enough snow, you may even find Antti making his commute by skiing.

Harri Rauhala

+358 400 818 070

Harri started in management consulting in 1998. In 2013 he joined VALOR, and is currently a Partner. Prior to VALOR, Harri spent 12 years abroad in London and Johannesburg. Six of those years were spent as a Chief Strategy Officer for a €1bn turnover mobile operator. Harri’s areas of expertise include strategy formulation and implementation, with a deep content knowledge of telecom. He holds a Master’s Degree from Helsinki School of Economics and an MBA from the U.S.

Harri is a keen cyclist, and judging by the amount of bikes he owns, about to start a bike shop. During the winter, his cycling helmet is replaced by ski helmet, as Harri enjoys skiing and outdoor activies with his family.

Raine Vammelvirta

+358 44 289 2294

Raine has worked as management consultant since 2007, and been a Partner at VALOR since 2011. Before VALOR, he worked as equity analyst in the financial sector. Raine’s areas of expertise include operational improvement, growth related items, and implementation. Outside of Finland, Raine has worked intensively in Sweden. He has extensive experience in the ICT, energy, and manufacturing industries.

Raine holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Helsinki University of Technology.

Outside work, Raine enjoys a vast variety of sports from telemark to kitesurfing. When not with his family or engaging in sports, you can find him sailing, or perhaps fishing.

Jussi Ailisto

+358 40 687 0743

Jussi joined VALOR Partners in 2015. Prior to joining VALOR, Jussi worked in international management consulting for 4 years, where he was responsible of key clients and acted as a project leader. Jussi has worked for a number of industries, especially in the finance, healthcare and FMCG sectors. Jussi’s fields of expertise lie in strategy implementation processes, such as performance management and PMO activities. He also has experience in strategy formulation projects, as well as market analysis. Jussi has an MBA from UNCG (NC, USA) with honors, and a Master’s of Science in Economics from the University of Oulu. The focus of his studies was in management and finance.

Outside office hours, Jussi enjoys spending a lot of time on sports, either playing football or floorball himself, or following professional sports on TV. Jussi also has a passion for playing the guitar, but unfortunately, zero talent.

Harri Wahlberg

+358 40 722 5484

Harri has worked in management, business development, and consulting positions for over 20 years. He has been responsible for projects related particularly to business strategies, operating models, services, and new business and innovation development. Harri’s special area of interest is the customer perspective in business development. Before Valor, he most recently worked as a management consultant at Eera and CEO of the advertising agency Creator Grey. Harri has a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Helsinki School of Economics.

Outside work Harri enjoys fishing, hunting, and bodyweight training.

Aappo Kontu

+358 44 425 2210

Aappo has extensive experience in industrial services, mainly in the energy, telecom, and process industries. From 1999 to 2012 he acted as founder and CEO, as well as minority owner, of Empower Group Oy. Previously, he acted as CTO in the power company Pohjolan Voima Oy and the grid company Teollisuuden Voimansiirto Oy, as well as Head of Engineering (electric) in Teollisuuden Voima Oy. Aappo has a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Tampere University of Technology. He has also completed post graduate studies in Power Systems (Westinghouse USA), and attended many management schools in Finland (JOKO, LIFIM, SLA). Today, Aappo is a board member in several engineering, telecom, and food industry companies.

As a long term goal, Aappo aims to complete as many 42km marathons as possible, and is well on his way with over 20 completed runs. He also enjoys indoor cross-country skiing, as well as outdoor farming, forestry, and lazy summer cottage living by the sea.

Seppo Ruohonen

+358 50 363 5040

Seppo is an energy sector specialist of a very high standing. He was given the Finnish honorary title of Energianeuvos by the president of the republic in 2011. Before joining VALOR as Senior Advisor in 2012, he spent 12 years as CEO of Helsingin Energia. Previously, he acted as Executive Vice President of Fingrid Oyj, and CEO of industrial energy company Teollisuuden Voimansiirto Oy. He has also held multiple board memberships in major energy companies in Finland. Seppo has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Outside work Seppo enjoys golfing, hunting, and music.

Jonas Seemer

+358 50 564 9846

Jonas joined the firm in the summer of 2015. Prior to joining VALOR, Jonas worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and as a founder of a social buying and sports analysis startup. As a consultant Jonas has garnered particular experience in strategy and M&A engagements within the media, transportation and telecom sectors. Jonas also serves a number of clients within the public sector. Jonas holds a Master of Science degree from Aalto University School of Economics.

While orange fields and green sneakers have largely had to yield to black loafers and pin-striped suits, Jonas’ passion for sports has persisted: he is still an avid tennis player, enthusiastic runner and burgeoning golfer. On his holidays, Jonas can most commonly be spotted on transit airports or transatlantic flights, which comprise the most enjoyable parts of a trip for Jonas.

Olli Kaijalainen

+358 50 3482093

Olli joined the firm in early 2015 first as a trainee and continued as a consultant thereafter. Prior to joining VALOR Olli worked among investment banking at Access Partners and digital consulting at Magenta Advisory. He has worked for number of industries – especially for energy, healthcare and consumer products sectors. Olli’s fields of expertise lay in M&A, organic growth and digitalization engagements. He has also garnered experience in projects related to strategy implementation, investment decision and market analysis. Olli holds a Master of Science degree from Aalto University School of Business. Focus of his studies were on finance, accounting and strategic marketing.

 Outside office hours Olli follows his passion in music through acting as a singer-songwriter-producer in a music project. Olli can also be found on a tennis court – beating Jonas.

Timo Luukkainen

Timo has worked in international general management positions at UPM, ABB, General Motors and Hyster, most recently as CEO of Ensto Group. Fourteen years of that time he worked in France. He is a board member in a number of Finnish and French companies. Timo holds an MBA from IMD (Switzerland), a B.Sc. from Helsinki School of Economics and an M.Sc.  from Helsinki University of Technology. He is fluent in French, English, Swedish and Finnish, and conversant in German.

In addition to his strong general management track record, his experience covers M&A, reorganization and profit improvement and growth strategy implementation in several countries. He has solid experience in modern energy efficiency of buildings and has worked as Chairman of the Board in Electrical Vehicle Charging company.

He lives in France but visits Finland on a regular basis, usually spending the summers in Finland. Timo’s spare time activities include hunting and outdoor life with dogs, swimming, skiing, golf and tending to his farm. He is a keen reader and together with his wife organises an annual art exhibition at their gallery.

Klaus Castrén


Klaus joined VALOR as a consultant in 2016. Prior to that, he worked at the strategy and M&A consultancy NAG and in the supply chain and operations advisory team of EY. Klaus’ field of expertise lies in performance improvement, and he also has experience in e.g. market analysis and strategy development and project portfolio management. Klaus has project experience in varied industries such as transportation and logistics, the food industry, mining and minerals, and the energy sector. Klaus holds a MSc degree from Aalto University’s Industrial Engineering and Management, in which his major was Operations and Service Management and minor Operations Research.

Once a promising junior golfer, his interests have since moved on to all kinds of mountain-related activities. You might see him either hitting the powder or climbing a via ferrata in the Austrian alps – or perhaps more likely just planning his next trip.

Valtteri Itäranta

040 867 5444

Valtteri joined VALOR in 2015 and has since attained consulting experience especially in M&A and business development. Prior to VALOR, Valtteri was engaged with strategy creation and digital service productization at Outotec. Valtteri holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Aalto University School of Business.

Outside the office, Valtteri feels at home at rough seas and tries to grasp every opportunity to go sailing.

Vertti Ikonen

+358 50 3727 933

Vertti joined VALOR’s team in 2017 as a consultant. Prior to joining VALOR Vertti, worked in investment banking at Aventum Partners and in management consulting at Capgemini Consulting. Vertti has familiarized himself with various industries through different projects in Finland and abroad. His fields of expertise lay in M&A, enterprise architecture, digital transformation and strategy. Vertti holds a Master’s degree from Aalto University School of Business. The focus of his studies was on finance, accounting and entrepreneurship.

During his free time Vertti enjoys various sports from hiking to golf, as well as travelling to remote destinations. Cooking and eating are also dear hobbies for Vertti.

Teemu Sirén

+358 40 8417 021

Teemu joined VALOR in early 2018. Prior joining VALOR he worked as a Senior Consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group. Korn Ferry Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that focuses on people and organization development. Teemu has gathered experience from complex reward development projects, organization design projects, as well as internal development initiatives. Teemu worked for the company’s Helsinki and London offices. His greatest strengths as a consultant are analytical thinking, business acumen and a drive to innovate new ways and solutions to clients’ problems/challenges. Teemu holds a Master of Science degree from Tampere University of Technology’s industrial engineering and management.

In his free time, Teemu often finds himself doing some sports or travelling. Teemu likes to participate in all kind of sport events where he can challenge himself. Lately, Teemu has focused on training at the gym, running, football and various endurance sports.