Jaro Mykkänen

+358 45 137 4173

About Jaro

Jaro joined VALOR in June 2021. He has previously worked as a business controller trainee at Mehiläinen and as an analyst intern at Nordic Healthcare Group. Jaro is studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University.


Jaro’s expertise lies mainly in the healthcare sector. He has gained experience in e.g. strategy projects and benchmarking services. Having worked both at Mehiläinen and Nordic Healthcare Group, Jaro has knowledge on both private and public healthcare sector. Jaro’s strengths include analytical and critical thinking skills.


Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University. Minor in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Outside the office

Jaro has a team sport background in football, but nowadays he spends more time lifting weights at the gym and jogging. Jaro is also an avid consumer of podcasts and audiobooks on a wide range of topics.