Operational improvement and process design

Our approach to operational improvement is practical and hands-on. Our team has been recognized for its delivery of concrete results, based on accrued deep sector and functional knowledge, as well as focused analysis.

Our assignments typically start with a diagnostics phase where our consultants dive deep into the operations with the objective of creating an external fact-based view of the improvement potential and key improvement levers. Thereafter, a change program to capture the potential is outlined in close cooperation with management. Our role in the implementation of the change program can be anything from taking management responsibility for selected items to supporting the management by providing analysis and external opinions.

For several years, our operational improvement assignments have achieved lasting turnaround projects and more focused assignments like establishing procurement and renegotiating key contracts.

As delivering results is the real value of our consulting service, we are prepared to tie our fees to the improvement outcome. In such assignments, we typically play a key role in ensuring that impact is delivered by taking operational management responsibility, for example.

Examples of recent projects

Improving the procurement efficiency and support in putting the recommendations into action in construction industry 

Recognizing the challenges and standardizing the processes of renting land between organizations in the public sector 

Improving procurement efficiency and setting up a category model for procurement 

Reform of electricity network pricing for a municipal electricity network company 

District heating product reform for an energy company 

Digital healthcare center service concept design for a large public service provider 

Turn-around profitability improvement plan design and implementation for private sector health and social care provider  

Pricing model and service network renewal for a laboratory services provider  

Business plan formulation for a leading private healthcare provider focusing on product and service selection and pricing  

Evaluation and development of risk management principles and practices of an energy company

Operational improvement design and implementation for home care services for a major public provider 

Operating model design for strategic procurement for a major public provider  

Implementation of a new operating model for a major financial services provider 

Operational improvement plan of the healthcare center operations for a major public provider  

Improving the efficiency of parking control