Renewing Fimlab’s pricing model and service network 


Fimlab is a laboratory services company owned by five large wellbeing services counties in Finland. Its services cover a quarter of the Finnish population. The company had recognized a significant cost efficiency potential in its production due to e.g., inconsistent service network and variation in service demand. The system created before the social and health care reform was no longer optimal. Considering the shortage of social and healthcare personnel, Fimlab recognized the need to improve the service network in order to secure sufficient laboratory services to the citizens in the future. With the support of VALOR, the client decided to create a new pricing model that incentivizes all the owner wellbeing counties towards improved service network efficiency.  


The project consisted of three stages. First, the current laboratory services production and service network and was reviewed through data-analysis. Second, the cost effects of different service network scenarios were analyzed. Finally, VALOR formulated a well-reasoned recommendation of the new pricing model. 

VALOR role and results 

With the support of VALOR, Fimlab’s key decision makers were convinced of the required changes. The owners have already started to shift Fimlab’s service network in accordance with the recommendation. The project will have impact on not only social and healthcare costs but also securing sufficient laboratory services to the Finnish citizens.