Oskar Mursula

+358 400 182 654

About Oskar

Oskar joined VALOR in February 2022. He has previous experience from internships at MB Funds and CapMan, as well as the Faculty of Economics at Aalto. Oskar is currently studying in the master’s program in Finance at Aalto University.


Gained from his previous internships and research assistant position, Oskar has a precise, analytical and creative grip when it comes to work and problem-solving. Given his background in team sports, he is also a laid-back team player with a determined and positive attitude.


Oskar holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Aalto University with a minor in Finance.

Outside the Office

Outside office hours, Oskar likes to do various sports and spend time with friends. He enjoys skiing, going to the gym, and playing tennis. Alongside this, his long-lasting interest in history led him to pursue a degree in the field from the University of Helsinki.