Antti Halonen

+358 50 577 3180

About Antti

Since establishing VALOR with Henrikki, Matti and Raine, Antti has served as partner responsible for the IT, media & telecom industries. Antti has worked with technology industries for most of his life and has hands-on experience of web programming from the early days of his career. Antti also serves as an active advisor to a few startups and growth companies.


Antti has an in-depth understanding of the telecom, media and IT industries in the Nordics. He has worked on various strategic issues related to growth, operational improvement and M&A. Antti has a special interest in technology industries and the disruption of existing business models.  Examples of recent assignments:

  • Fiber roll-out strategy and business case modeling for a telecoms company
  • Acquisition of MarTech SaaS company for a media company
  • Competitor mapping and acquisition target screening for an IT company
  • Supporting a large public procurement offer for an IT company
  • New business opportunity screening, evaluation and refining of related business models for a large service company


Master’s Degree in Industrial Management from Helsinki University of Technology.

Outside the Office

Antti is the father of three children and spends most of his spare time with the family. He enjoys sports, especially cycling, cross-country skiing, orienteering and floorball. He is an active member of the regional community, taking part in local scouting and school support organizations. As a hopeless idealist, he’s also always keen to discuss new ideas that increase the quality of people’s everyday life, preferably while doing sports or enjoying an evening in the sauna with friends.