Jyri Knaapinen

About Jyri

Jyri joined VALOR in 2019. Before joining VALOR, Jyri did his BSc at Aalto University’s School of Business and gained expertise in the financial industry. Since joining VALOR, Jyri has been engaged in client assignments focusing on the ICT sector but also including a wide range of other industries. Jyri holds a master’s degree in Finance from the Aalto University School of Business.


Jyri has expertise especially in, but not limited to, client assignments in the ICT sector. Being engaged in various types of client case ranging from financial and commercial due diligence to corporate strategy has helped him better understand the various advisory roles and recognize opportunities to create value for clients. Jyri has also been able to take advantage of his existing skillset in finance, while supporting clients in crafting their business plans and making important strategic decisions.

Examples of the cases:

  • Fiber roll-out strategy for a Finnish energy company
  • Entry strategy for a Nordic telecommunications company considering a new geographical market
  • Financial and commercial due diligence in acquisition for a medium-sized ICT firm
  • Sales material preparation for a Finnish SME company’s sales process
  • Advisory to a Finnish listed company on the acquisition of an SaaS company


Master’s Degree in Finance from Aalto University School of Business

Outside the Office

Outside the office, Jyri enjoys sports of all kinds, ranging from gym to badminton. Being outdoors, and especially combining nice weather with fishing or hunting, is something Jyri really enjoys. In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle and managing intensive work, Jyri places great value on relaxation and taking it easy with his family and friends.