Mikko Peltokangas

About Mikko

Mikko joined VALOR in 2023. Alongside his work, Mikko’s master’s degree studies in Industrial Engineering and Management are nearing completion. Mikko does not fear working with problems that involve a lot of technical complexity. In consulting, Mikko is looking to turn related insights into valuable business actions.


Mikko has garnered previous experience working as an engineer trainee, managing product changes and supply chains in a manufacturing setting. Additionally, Mikko has experience of data management and procurement analytics from working with a software company.


Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering and Management. Mikko is involved in ongoing master’s degree studies in Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University, majoring in Operations Management, with minor studies focusing on Data Science. In his ongoing studies, Mikko is also interested in Strategic Management.

Outside the office

In his free time, Mikko looks for varied sports activities. Mikko is quick to jump on an opportunity to spend time in nature and looks forward to upcoming hiking trips. Spending time with family fills a major part of Mikko’s free time.