Oomi Solar’s growth strategy sharpened with VALOR’s support 

VALOR Partners supported Oomi Solar in developing its corporate solar power market solution, evaluating organizational options, and facilitating incorporation.  

In recent years, solar energy has developed significantly. Solar panels with improved efficiency are also suitable for conditions prevalent in the northern regions of Finland.  

In the future, solar power is expected to grow as part of Finland’s electricity production. This is influenced by positive experiences with the economic viability and ease of use.  

Oomi Solar, which commenced operations at the beginning of 2024, offers comprehensive planning and installation of solar power projects for corporate clients throughout Finland. The company focuses on delivering solar power systems for real estate properties, ground-mounted parks, and industrial-scale solar farms.  

From consumer market to corporate clients 

Oomi Energia, operating in the same group, has been delivering solar panel solutions to consumers for ten years. The company has gained extensive experience in solar power, the lifecycle of panels, and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) operations. 

In spring 2023, Oomi and VALOR started joint discussions on how to harness the market leader’s core expertise most effectively to serve businesses and communities in their transition to renewable energy.  

“We have collaborated with VALOR before, and knew they had the expertise we needed for this project,” says Oomi Solar’s Managing Director Olli Tuomivaara.  

Based on data collection, analyses, and various studies, it was decided to separate the corporate services into a distinct company, while maintaining the same ownership base. Subsequently, the focus shifted to facilitating incorporation and refining Oomi Solar’s chosen growth strategy. In the carve-out process, VALOR also served as financial advisor.  

“Without VALOR’s support and encouragement, achieving our goals within this timeframe would not have been possible. When initiating such a project besides your daily work, extra hands are needed,” states Tuomivaara. 

He adds that gaining external perspectives on issues that the company had already started considering brought special added value. New insights and angles on thoughts have emerged through the challenges and solutions proposed by VALOR. 

Tuomivaara appreciates that VALOR participates in work across the board and takes a hands-on approach, as this speeds up the process. An open dialogue is also important to him. Many issues can be resolved over a phone call, without the need to schedule a meeting every time.  

“For instance, we went cycling with VALOR’s consultant Antti Ihalainen. Insights and relevant ideas can arise anywhere, since mental work is not strictly bound by time and place,” notes Tuomivaara.  

The best ideas can sometimes be born outside the office. Photo Oomi Solar Oy. 

Strong expertise based on long experience  

As a leading solar power supplier, Oomi Solar seeks a significant market share also in the real estate and corporate sector. According to Tuomivaara, there are no other players in the market with comparable experience or as many references. Additionally, their ownership base is stable, and they offer long warranties.  

“Our goal is to build the best solar power solutions efficiently, optimizing both technical-economic features and lifecycle. These aspects go hand in hand,” emphasizes Tuomivaara.  

Solar energy has been extensively researched and recognized for its significant impact on combating global climate change. At the same time, it ensures reasonably priced electricity for consumers and companies.  

Kalle Ahlstedt, VALOR partner, Energy, notes the additional importance of solar power from a self-sufficiency perspective. The greater our electricity production in Finland, the better equipped we are to withstand situations where the external environment deviates from its usual pattern. It also supports industries that depend on carbon-neutral electricity.  

“While solar energy is not a year-round solution in Finland, it complements and diversifies our electricity production palette well,” Ahlstedt highlights. 

Text Catarina Stewen