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Meet our new colleagues Harri Widing, Severi Sinkko, Sami Pelander and Juho Jalonen

Our team is getting even stronger. Welcome to the team Harri Widing, and trainees Severi Sinkko, Sami Pelander and Juho Jalonen.

Harri brings more than 35 years of extensive management experience in the financial sector in Finland and abroad to VALOR’s team of professionals. He has previously worked in the banking sector, asset management and non-life insurance, and as a consultant for Midland Montague, Postipankki, SEB and OP. He also has long experience in management and board work.

Our newest trainees Severi, Sami and Juho are all from Aalto University – Severi and Sami from Industrial Engineering and Management and Juho from Sustainable Energy Systems and Markets. Juho is also studying finance at Aalto.

Severi has previous experience in various market analyses, operational analytics and forecasting at KONE, as well as a variety of roles in startups. Sami has worked in data analytics in both software and forest industry companies. Juho has deepened his analytical skills in previous internships in management consulting and as a sales manager in a construction dust management start-up.

Let’s get to know our new colleagues!

What would be your dream project to work on?

Harri: A broad and challenging project that combines a suitable combination of my own expertise, but more importantly, learning new things and delivering clear added value to clients.

Severi: A dream project – good question! Yes, projects that create solutions that improve people’s quality of life in addition to financial benefits are certainly the most rewarding.

Sami: What makes projects particularly interesting for me is the opportunity to challenge myself and to see the results of the project in practice. I also appreciate long term assignments, as they allow me to go deeper into the problem and different solutions. For these reasons, it would be great to work on a transformational project around themes such as sustainable growth.

Juho: I like projects where you can work with the client to find new business opportunities – a dream project would be working on a pricing or go-to-market strategy in the energy sector.

Summer is just around the corner. What does your summer look like, any plans yet?

Harri: I’m looking forward to the boating summer and relaxing at the cottage.

Severi: I’m looking forward to a lot of cottaging, shouting “FORE!” on frisbee and traditional golf courses and hanging out. Maybe I’ll even do a little kayaking, if the weather permits.

Sami: During the summer, I’m going to invest in my own relaxation and spending time with friends. I’m planning to spend a lot of long weekends at the cottage, a quick trip abroad and jazz festivals.

Juho: I’m going on an adventure to Andalusia with my partner this summer. We plan to enjoy the Spanish cuisine, beaches, mountains and visit Alhambra.