Severi Sinkko

+358 44 272 6497

About Severi

Severi started his internship at VALOR in May 2024. In consulting, he is motivated by solving multidimensional problems and crystallising value-creating solutions. Severi is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, majoring in Strategy.


Severi has previous experience in management consulting, where he worked on various market analyses. Prior to that, he worked in operational analysis and forecasting at KONE, as well as in various roles in several start-ups. Severi has facilitation experience in various positions of trust, most recently as president of Prodeko ry, the IEM guild at Aalto University in 2022.


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, Aalto University. Severi is finishing his Master’s degree at IEM and will start his thesis in the autumn of 2024.

Outside the office

Outside the office, Severi can be found shouting “FORE!” on both traditional and disc golf courses. In winter, like many of his colleagues, he is an avid downhill skier. But the most important thing for Severi is that whatever he does, it is always with a group of good friends.