Meet our new colleagues Timo Hentunen, Markus Melin and Tuomas Suominen

Our team is growing, and we are happy to introduce our new colleagues Timo Hentunen, Markus Melin and Tuomas Suominen.

Our new Senior Advisor Timo has over 30 years’ experience of business development and leadership, as well as of change and transformation as a consultant, in line management positions and as a startup investor. He has worked in Scandinavia, in the UK, and in continental Europe and gained specific experience in the ICT, professional services and manufacturing sectors.

Markus joined VALOR as a Principal. He has long experience of ICT, first and foremost from cybersecurity, with experience from weather data and payment processing as well. Markus has been leading R&D and engineering organizations, running operations teams, delivery and support, and being VP & GM for business units. Markus has held management positions at F-Secure, TietoEvry, Vaisala and Enfuce.

Prior to his traineeship at VALOR, Tuomas worked in wealth management at S-Pankki and business banking at Atom Bank. Tuomas’ previous experience is centered mostly on the financial services Industry. Alongside his traineeship, Tuomas is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Finance at Aalto University.

What have you learned during your first weeks at VALOR?

Timo: VALOR is a team of energetic and ambitious individuals where people also seem to have a lot of fun. Joining the team has been smooth and pleasant.

Tuomas: The first few weeks were full of new things, so it’s difficult to mention only a few things. However, I think the main lesson has been that you are always welcome at VALOR to ask anyone for help, regardless of seniority. This is something that has helped me settle in, as it has allowed me to get to know my new colleagues and gather a multitude of different perspectives!

Markus: VALOR has a very experienced team with highly professional integrity and a genuine aim to focus on solving the customer’s problem. I am proud to be part of such a team.

How do you keep yourself lively and energetic during the gloomier fall days?

Timo: I like to stay active through sports and other activities. During this season, family and friends also give you some of that extra energy you need.

Tuomas: The best way to survive the fall months is to actively go to the office rather than work from home. Obviously, it’s good to have a balance and sometimes work from home as well, but for me, the social aspect that the office offers is crucial, especially when it gets darker and colder.

Markus: Exercise and walks with the dog. A bright-light lamp is a great help too!