Meet our new colleagues – Joni Wirman, Oskar Mursula and Pyry Kunnas

We are excited to announce three additions to our team.

Joni joined VALOR in March 2022. Joni has over a decade of experience in the banking and insurance industries. Most recently, he worked as an advisor to the Bank of Finland, where he led the work in understanding the impact of digitalization on the financial services landscape, such as changes in business models, value chains and the rise of financial technology companies.

Oskar joined VALOR in February 2022 as analyst trainee. He has previous experience from internships at MB Funds and CapMan, as well as the Faculty of Economics at Aalto. Next fall, Oskar will continue his studies at Aalto by starting his master’s degree.

Pyry joined VALOR in March 2022 as an analyst trainee after spending a university exchange semester in Vienna. Previously, he has worked as network development trainee for Neste. Pyry will continue his Industrial Engineering and Management master studies at Aalto University in autumn.

We asked our new team members to characterize VALOR and to tell us the most valuable advice they have received so far from their new colleagues.

How would you describe VALOR in three words?

Joni: Dynamic, driven and professional

Pyry: Inspirational, collaborative and efficient

Oskar: Agile, customer-oriented and motivated

What are your expectations for the spring of 2022?

Joni: I’m looking forward to getting to know our customers and all the people at VALOR, as well as getting involved in interesting projects.

Pyry: Helping our customers by making valuable contribution to our projects. In addition, I’m surrounded by clever minds so I’m really looking forward to learning by working with them.

Oskar: Definitely looking forward to learning a lot from my brilliant and experienced colleagues. I’m also hoping to develop my professional skills by working on a wide variety of challenging projects.

What has been the best advice or tip you have received from one of your new colleagues so far?

Joni: Take care of the customer relationship and the quality of work, the rest will follow.

Pyry: At VALOR, we are a united team solving business problems. Be active, communicate a lot and don’t hesitate to ask.

Oskar: Be curious and ask questions. Everyone at VALOR is happy to help you out and support your professional growth.