Four promotions in our team

We are pleased to announce that Akseli Sutinen has been promoted to Associate, Sonja Korhonen to Senior Associate, Tuomas Suomi to Manager and Klaus Klemetti to Vice President, IB. They all bring an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to our team.

Congratulations for the promotions!

I have enjoyed my first year at VALOR and have been able to grow a lot professionally. VALOR has provided a great environment to participate in interesting projects with nice and smart colleagues. I am looking forward to new adventures ahead with our great team.

– Akseli

Engaging client projects and a highly motivated work environment have definitely been the most rewarding aspects of working at VALOR so far. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally and look forward to new challenges together with our team and clients.

– Sonja

I have been overwhelmed with the growth opportunities VALOR has been able to provide to our team. The amount of trust towards each other in the organization is high and we have been able to grow as professionals together. I hope we can maintain this momentum as we move forward.

– Tuomas

It has been very rewarding to be part of VALOR’s growth journey and I am sure that the continuous development of the team and the business will present many more exciting opportunities for us, both professionally and personally.

– Klaus