Meet our new colleagues Veikko Valtonen and Tuomas Puolakka

Our team is growing.

Veikko Valtonen and Tuomas Puolakka both started as interns at VALOR in January 2024. Before the intership, Veikko worked in the real estate business, focusing on diverse business development and strategy work, as well as sales and customer service. Tuomas gained experience as an entrepreneur in the clothing industry and as a research assistant at various departments at Aalto University.

Let’s get to know our new colleagues a bit better!

What kind of tasks have you started with at VALOR during your internship?

Veikko: I have been assessing profitability in the automotive sector and synergies in the public transport sector. My practical work has included various analyses, interviews, preparation of presentation materials and workshops with clients. 

Tuomas: So far, I have been researching and modelling market developments in the energy sector.

What are you looking forward to the most from your traineeship at VALOR?

Veikko: What I expect from my internship is to deepen my understanding of the business logic of different industries, as well as to internalise the practical working methods of management consulting work. I’m also looking forward to new encounters and of course the VALOR ski trip!

Tuomas: I wish to expand my range of skills through project work and meet new people. Like Veikko, I’m also looking forward to our ski trip in March!

What was your dream job as a child? Are there any similarities with consulting?

Veikko: My dream job as a child was to be a professional football player. So even in my childhood dreams, work life was built around teamwork and working together towards the same goal.

Tuomas: As a child, I aspired to be a businessman when I grew up. At VALOR, we create value for our customers’ businesses, so I got pretty close!