Meet our new colleagues Tobias Jungmann, Kasperi Korpelainen, Mikko Peltokangas and Mikael Nuotio

We have four new additions to our team—welcome Tobias Jungmann, Kasperi Korpelainen, Mikko Peltokangas and Mikael Nuotio.

Tobias, Mikko and Mikael study Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University and joined VALOR as trainees. Kasperi studied law abroad and joined VALOR as an associate.

We asked our new colleagues about their thoughts on joining VALOR.

What excites you most about working at VALOR?

Tobias: All the learning opportunities! There are plenty of consultant skills that I plan to develop. Furthermore, as this is my first time in the field of consulting, I’m also eager to see what the job is all about. Being able to do all this while getting hands-on experience in tangible interesting projects is truly something I’m looking forward to.

Mikko: I look forward to working with a skilled team and sharing moments of achievement when working on challenging problems.

Mikael: I am most looking forward to new colleagues and the opportunity to expand and deepen my area of ​​expertise, while improving my working methods. 

Kasperi: I’m excited about working on interesting projects with smart and friendly colleagues.

At VALOR, we organize a monthly sports event. What is your favorite sport, and how did you take it up?

Tobias: Definitely football! Although some time has passed since I stopped playing it regularly, I do follow the sport off the pitch, and I’m a fan of FC Bayern Munich. As a German, my father probably had an influence on my younger self’s decision to start the hobby, as football is even more popular in Germany than in Finland.

Mikko: In sports, I look for varied activities. This summer, I’m planning to take up orienteering. I have some good memories of it from childhood, and I feel like I could try getting back into it now. I enjoy spending time in nature, so orienteering might be a good fit for me.

Mikael: My favorite sport is definitely skiing. I got into it at a very young age, as my family likes skiing and being outdoors. 

Kasperi: I enjoy all kinds of sporting activities. Recently, I’ve focused on downhill skiing. My parents introduced me to skiing when I was a kid. I think my very first time on the slopes was at Pullinki Ski center in Sweden.