Meet our new colleagues – Robert Kokkola, Jaakko Ruth and Tommi Salmi

We have three new additions to our team welcome Jaakko Ruth, Robert Kokkola & Tommi Salmi!

Jaakko joined VALOR in October 2022 as an analyst. He previously worked as an M&A consultant at PwC.

Robert and Tommi joined VALOR in October 2022 as trainees. Previously, Robert worked in retail supply chain optimization and robotic process automation consulting. Tommi, then again, worked at Visma Solutions as a software developer trainee. 

Even though the first days are always hectic, we got a chance to ask a couple of questions from our new team members.

What’s been your first impression of your new colleagues?

Jaakko: They’re really smart professionals who are at the same time very pleasant company. The one-on-one discussions arranged with every VALOR professional have been great for getting to know one person better at a time.

Robert: They’re pleasant people – it’s delightful being in a group that takes their work seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Tommi: Already in my first work week, I’ve been impressed by how much competence there is at VALOR. Also, the one-on-one meetings I’ve had with my colleagues have been an excellent way to get to know them better – and learn something new from their areas of expertise.   

Why did you choose VALOR?

Jaakko: VALOR is an agile player that plays a significant role in projects that will have a great effect on major industries. I felt VALOR would provide me the purpose, development track and working environment I wanted. This view has even strengthened during my first days here.

Robert: Both the consulting and investment banking industries are very interesting, so it’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with a small company that does both.

Tommi: VALOR has strong competences in energy markets and urban development projects, which have both already been interests of mine for a long time. I’d also heard about positive experiences from VALOR employees.