Meet our new colleagues Jenna Nyländen, Susanna Alakotila and Jaro Mykkänen

We have three new additions to our team—welcome Jenna Nyländen, Susanna Alakotila and Jaro Mykkänen!

Jenna joined VALOR Partners this March. Previously, she worked as a management consultant and gained experience in the social and health care sector. Susanna joined VALOR also in March as an HR & Administrative Specialist. Previously, she held various positions in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Jaro has made a comeback to VALOR now in April, after his internship in 2021. Jaro has experience from several companies in the social and health care industry.

We asked our new colleagues about their thoughts on joining VALOR.

Has anything about VALOR surprised you?

Jenna: I started with an open-minded attitude, and thus far, there have been only positive surprises!

Susanna: Since the first point of contact, I’ve had a positive experience with the company, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how since the first day I’ve felt like being part of the amazing team we have. I’m also impressed that any development areas are discussed in a straightforward and professional manner at all levels.

Jaro: VALOR has mainly met my expectations very well. I was previously an intern in the summer of 2021, and I had a good impression of VALOR even back then. In addition to the relaxed culture, I was surprised by the entrepreneurial atmosphere compared to my previous jobs, which I think is great. 

What do you wish to learn at VALOR?

Jenna: One of the best parts of consulting is the unlimited learning opportunities, so it is difficult to mention anything specific. However, I already know there is much to learn from the new projects and colleagues here at VALOR.

Susanna: My aim is to develop myself as an HR and recruitment professional.

Jaro: I hope to learn a lot of new skills at VALOR, especially related to project management and client service. As I am going to focus on social and health care projects, I also wish to develop my industry knowledge.

Spring seems to have finally arrived! What are you most excited about the spring?

Jenna: The best thing about spring is the feeling of a fresh start after a long winter—this year especially!

Susanna: The increasing amount of light and the sound of birds.

Jaro: I find the best part of spring to be the rising temperatures and sunlight, which make me feel full of energy. Additionally, I enjoy the many outdoor activities that are available during the spring.