VALOR acted as a financial advisor to Haminan Energia in the sale of its fiber network business to Täyskuitu

VALOR acted as financial advisor to the seller in an asset deal where Haminan Energia sold its fiber network business Haminetti to Täyskuitu. This brings a player capable of significant investments to the Hamina region and releases Haminan Energia’s resources to developing its energy businesses. The deal is part of the ICT sector’s rapid development in which the role of fiber networks as part of telecom infrastructure increases.

Haminan Energia is wholly owned by the City of Hamina. It operates in diverse areas of the energy sector. The company is a forerunner of renewable energy and energy gases. It invests particularly in wind power, bioenergy and developing the LNG market.

Täyskuitu is a fiber network company. It is owned by Finnish teleoperator Cinia and Netherlands-based international infrastructure investor DIF Capital Partners. The owners plan to significantly invest in Finnish fiber networks.

Please contact Antti Halonen, Partner, for more information.

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