Three promotions in the VALOR team

We are pleased to announce that Klaus Klemetti, Antti Lehtovirta and Tuomas Suomi have been promoted to Senior Associates. Klaus, Antti and Tuomas all bring an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to our team.

Congratulations for the promotions!

“I’m very thankful for the reliable support and career opportunities that VALOR has offered me, and I look forward to exciting times ahead as our team continues to grow. At VALOR, the mentality has always been to encourage people to take new challenges and responsibilities head on, and I relish this opportunity to contribute to the team and develop myself professionally.”

– Klaus

“Time and time again, I’ve been amazed by VALOR’s growth, both as a business and as a team. I’m really looking forward to continuing to grow with my colleagues, learning more from our intriguing client companies and creating value for them.”

– Antti

“During my time at VALOR, I’ve been able to find interesting new topics to work with and grow as a professional. I’m eager to see what kind of opportunities the next chapter holds.”

– Tuomas