Meet our new colleague Pekka Hard

The VALOR team has strengthened by the arrival of a new member—welcome Pekka Hard

Pekka is a strong expert in social care and healthcare—with over 10 years of broad experience in developing and managing social care and healthcare services, as well as working with the executive teams of large service providers. 

We asked Pekka about his views on the current state of the healthcare sector and his initial impressions of VALOR’s expertise in the industry: 

What are the key challenges currently facing social care and healthcare? 

The Finnish healthcare system is in a unique transitional phase: as the welfare regions begin their operations, future services are being created for decades to come. Demographic changes are increasing the demand for services, and the attractiveness of the working environment must be strengthened. Additionally, the development of technology, combined with digitization and AI, offers entirely new opportunities. 

How would you describe VALOR’s expertise and experience in social care and healthcare? 

The VALOR team has extensive experience in both public and private service development. We approach clients’ challenges in a practical, concrete, and solution-focused manner—the essential thing is to successfully implement development efforts in practice.