Meet out new colleagues Iiro Hakala, Kustaa Juurakko, Juho Kuiri and Elias Peltokangas

The VALOR team keeps growing! We have four new colleagues: Iiro Hakala, Kustaa Juurakko, Juho Kuiri and Elias Peltokangas. Iiro, Kustaa and Elias joined VALOR as trainees and Juho as an analyst.

Before VALOR, Iiro completed his master’s thesis in finance and worked in corporate finance. Iiro has previous work experience of operational M&A, corporate finance and private equity.

Prior to joining VALOR, Kustaa graduated with a Bachelor of Science. Kustaa worked previously in the healthcare business focusing on operational/financial analytics and M&As. In addition, he worked as an analyst for a smaller technology company.

Juho completed his master’s degree at Aalto University and worked in management consulting. In his previous roles, Juho worked with financial management, technology strategy consulting and information system selections.

Elias graduated as a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering and management at Aalto University and worked in pharmaceutical procurement. Elias is continuing his studies in the IEM master’s program at Aalto. Alongside his studies, Elias has gathered experience of procurement and the pharmaceutical industry at Orion.

To find out a bit more about our new colleagues, we asked them a couple of questions.

Why consulting or investment banking?

Kustaa: I have always been interested in solving all kind of challenges and problems. In addition to that, the optimisation of different kinds of tasks has fascinated me. The decision to join consulting was clear because consulting will probably fit well on my interests.

Juho: The diverse and meaningful nature of the day-to-day work! Consulting provides an opportunity to work with interesting and challenging topics that vary depending on the industry and the problem at hand – which makes for a great environment for learning and developing skills at a fast pace. In addition, my past experiences of the industry have been positive, so continuing with consulting felt natural.

Elias: In consulting, I seek various and rewarding professional challenges. I expect it to offer an opportunity to learn about the uniqueness of many industries and companies. On top of this, project-based client work feeds my intellectual curiosity, as the topics at hand change regularly.

Iiro: Ever since I attended my first university courses, I’ve been captivated by M&As, which is why investment banking was a natural choice for me. IB is the beating heart of mergers and acquisitions, allowing you to see various aspects of the M&A process extensively, from target consideration to execution. Although I immensely enjoy the M&A aspect of IB, I believe the best part of IB is the top-notch experts with whom it’s a pleasure to work, and from whom there is always something new to learn.

How was your first day at VALOR? Did anything surprise you?

Kustaa: My first impression of VALOR was excellent, as the great team spirit and warm atmosphere were immediately conveyed in the office. I received a comprehensive introduction to both general and job-related issues, which made it easy to take my first steps as a VALORian. The first impression was in line with my expectations of VALOR, so there were no surprises.

Juho: The first day at VALOR was an enjoyable combination of getting to know my new colleagues and the VALOR ways of working – not to mention the start of actual project work later that day. I was surprised by the informal atmosphere at the office, and how easy it was to become part of the team.

Elias: The first day consisted mainly of getting familiar with the practicalities of work at VALOR and meeting my new colleagues. A pleasant surprise came at the end of the day when I was briefed on my first project. I took part in the kick-off meeting of the project already on the morning of my second day at VALOR.

Iiro: The first day, like those that followed, went by quickly in the delightful company of fantastic colleagues and with interesting tasks. In the first few days, I was already surprised by how varied assignments at VALOR could be, and how you could get involved in them, regardless of seniority.

We are excited to have all four of you – welcome!