Meet our new colleagues Tuukka Nikkilä and Antti Lindström

VALOR keeps growing. Meet our new Senior Associates, Tuukka Nikkilä and Antti Lindström.

Tuukka has experience from various industries in building strategies, leading transformations and improving current operations efficiency. Prior to VALOR, he worked in EY’s management consultancy practice. Antti, then again, worked at PwC over 6 years and at NREP for one year. He was an Authorized Public Accountant (KHT) and worked as an audit manager at PwC. At NREP, Antti was part of Fund Finance team.

We asked our new colleagues about their thoughts on joining VALOR.

What made you choose to join VALOR at this point of your career?

Tuukka: I knew that VALOR was a great place to challenge yourself and show your competence. However, the key driver for me was getting to work in a Finnish company that has paved a way for itself in a very competitive market and of course to get to be a part of the continuing growth journey.

Antti: Significance and versatility of the work at VALOR is particularly interesting. I like to work and interact with clients thus I felt consulting very interesting option for myself. In my opinion through VALOR’s service offering and know-how, we are genuinely able to help customers to achieve their goals. Overall, VALOR is a fascinating environment where it is possible to develop one’s own intellectual capital through challenging and diverse assignments. Due to the previous points, the transfer to VALOR seemed like a natural solution to me.

What new do you bring to the VALOR team?

Tuukka: Having worked with many other companies gives me a new outside in perspective that I want to leverage to improve the ways of working at VALOR or at least to bring new perspectives to client work we are performing.

Antti: My work life background is a bit different compared to many other VALOR employees. My experience in auditing and real estate fund sectors will certainly bring a different and new perspective to the work, which will benefit both clients and other team members. I also believe that my personality complements VALOR’s great personnel well.

At VALOR, we really enjoy sports, and also like to do sports together. What is your suggestion for our next sports event together?

Tuukka: I have two suggestions, both of which are quite dangerous even if you might not think so, Rugby and Cheerleading. From VALOR’s point of view, I believe that Rugby is easier and safer to implement, so I would like to see how everyone is able to translate their strategies from the office to the field.

Antti: It would be fun to go play tennis with the VALOR team because I need to tone my skills if I am ever going to win my brother in tennis. In addition, outdoor ice hockey would be great activity during winter.