Meet our new colleagues – Mikko Puumanen, Ville Vuola and Eric Hardy

We are excited to welcome three new team members to VALOR!

Mikko Puumanen and Ville Vuola joined VALOR as trainees in September 2022. Previously, Mikko worked in the accounting consulting industry and in the in-house credit risk management team of a manufacturing company. Ville, then again, finished his master’s studies at the University of Amsterdam and gained valuable work experience in the field of finance.

Eric Hardy also joined VALOR in September 2022 as an analyst. Prior to VALOR, Eric completed internships in financial advisory, equipment financing and incubator firms.

To learn a little about our new team members, we asked them a couple of questions.

What are your expectations of your new position at VALOR?

Mikko: I’m very much looking forward to getting to know everyone in the team and beginning to work on different projects. I hope I will be able to work in as many projects as possible and to learn from my colleagues.

Ville: I’m excited to get to work with companies operating in different industries, and to learn from my colleagues. Furthermore, I am excited about getting to know my new colleagues better.

Eric: I’m eager to learn and add value to the clients and VALOR. I’m also looking forward to working on infrastructure projects at such an interesting time.

How do you like to relax after the workday?

Mikko: After a long workday, I usually work out at the gym or go for a long walk or jog to recover from the day’s workload. Meeting friends and family during the weekend is also a great way to relax.

Ville: The best way for me to relax after work is to take exercise and prepare a nice dinner.

Eric: As an Englishman, I do enjoy a good cup of tea while cooking something nice. I also enjoy watching stand-up comedy and having a few beers with friends after a good day at work.