Mikael Karvinen ja Joonas Heimonen yhteiskuvassa

Meet our new colleagues Mikael Karvinen and Joonas Heimonen

The VALOR team is growing. Welcome to our new trainees Mikael Karvinen and Joonas Heimonen.

Mikael has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University. He has experience in supply chain management and the development of analytics and automation tools. In addition, he has been part of the operational development of a smaller technology company.

Joonas has a wide range of experience in various roles in the finance industry and has just finished his Bachelor of Science in Finance at Aalto University.

You have now worked at VALOR for a month. What has helped you to get involved in the VALOR team and work community?

Mikael: As well as working and eating lunch in the office, I’ve been able to get to know my team through informal one-to-one meetings. Events organised for Valorians outside of working hours, such as the impromptu workshop during my first week, are also a great way to get involved!

Joonas: Everyone in the team has been super nice and approachable, which has made it easy to fit in. Also, my new colleagues have a lot of interesting backgrounds, so a general curiosity has helped me get to know them better.

What does work-life balance mean to you?

Mikael: I believe that a good work-life balance should support long-term wellbeing. I try to do things that give me energy, both at work and at home. In my free time, I prioritise sport and seeing friends and family, whether it’s playing padel in the evening or cooking together.

Joonas: One of the cornerstones of life. When it is out of balance, it affects everything. In the long run, flexibility between work and other aspects of life is crucial.