Meet our new colleagues – Aapeli Kemppainen, Alvar Palmén, Helena Pukkala and Oula Virtanen

Our team is growing!

Aapeli Kemppainen, Alvar Palmén, Helena Pukkala and Oula Virtanen joined VALOR as trainees in February.

Previously, Aapeli studied both medicine and business, and worked in various roles related specially to the medical field. Alvar, then again, gained experience as an entrepreneur and working with accounting and finance. Helena has experience in asset management, and Oula worked in the manufacturing industry, software development projects and construction.

We had an opportunity to chat a little with our new team members.

How would you describe VALOR in three words?

Aapeli: Ambitious, growing, employee-friendly

Alvar: Innovative, goal-directed, tailored

Helena: Professional, receptive, communal

Oula: Impactful, versatile, friendly

Has something surprised you at VALOR?

Aapeli: The consulting field was previously totally unknown for me, so everything is new and exciting.

Alvar: I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of projects and tasks I’ve been involved in at VALOR right from the start.

Helena: I didn’t really have any pre-assumptions – I am eager to see what VALOR will bring!

Oula: Already during the first week, it was amazing to notice that making a genuine change is truly at the center. Even though the work is determined as expected, it takes place in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are thrilled to have Aapeli, Alvar, Helena and Oula in our team – welcome!