Creating a transformational strategy for a Finnish telecom and IT group


Anvia was a local telecom company in the Vaasa region, Finland, which over time had expanded to the security and IT industries. The Anvia Board had just decided to sell most of their business to Elisa (telecom operations). This led to a need to formulate a credible strategy that enabled them to both convince owners of the new strategic direction and accelerate the transformation from a local telco to a modern IT company.

VALOR role and results

VALOR helped Anvia assess the most lucrative areas for growth in the security and IT businesses, identify potential acquisition targets, and create a strategy execution program. VALOR was later involved in an acquisition spree that transformed Anvia from a 100 M€ revenue telco to a modern IT company, later renamed Viria, with 150 M€ in revenue and a strategic focus on security technology and digital business development.