Topias Saari

About Topias

Topias joined VALOR in March 2024 as an intern. Before joining VALOR, he spent a university exchange semester in Toronto. At VALOR, he is eager to embrace new challenges, aiming to maximize his learning and gain the best possible internship experience.


Previously Topias worked in the steel industry as a procurement trainee and in the paper industry as a logistics planner. Through those roles, he gained a solid foundation in supply chain management and operational planning. Additionally, he has developed strong analytical skills from his data technologies minor during his studies.


Topias is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University.

Outside the office

Outside the office, Topias is a former national-level wrestler with two national championships titles. Nowadays, he enjoys a range of sports activities in his free time, such as going to the gym and running and playing football and tennis.