Mikael Nuotio

About Mikael 

Mikael joined VALOR in 2023. He has previous work experience of strategy consulting and production planning. As a determined and goal-oriented person, Mikael enjoys challenges and learning new things. 


Mikael has experience of market analyses, manufacturing industry, and various technologies through previous jobs and studies. Mikael constantly strives to expand and deepen his area of ​​expertise. 


Mikael is currently studying in the master’s program in Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University. He is majoring in strategy, with a minor in systems sciences. In addition, Mikael is involved in ongoing studies in business law. 

Outside the office 

Mikael’s passion is skiing, which he spends a lot of time doing in the winter. In the summer, Mikael enjoys cycling, boating, and spending time at a cabin with family or friends.