Johan Matinmikko

About Johan

Johan is a project manager at VALOR, which he joined in 2018. Johan has been in the consulting business since 2015 and prior to VALOR, he worked at EY. What motivates Johan toward excellency in his work is the interesting and strategically significant engagements that support the growth of VALOR’s clients, creating value for their customers and contributing to the Finnish economy.


Johan has worked in a wide range of industries, but focuses especially on power and utilities, the public sector (especially public infrastructure) and consumer products. The nature of the engagements is typically related to strategy, operational improvement, or structure and governance. Johan is especially interested in asset management. Examples of recent assignments:

  • Structure and governance model for public transportation organizations in the Helsinki metropolitan area
  • Evaluation of efficiency improvement potential in the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure
  • Procurement improvement in the energy sector
  • Asset management public infrastructure improvement program
  • Strategy for consumer product company
  • Collaboration studies for combining energy and water assets and organizations


Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Oulu.

Outside the Office

In his free time, Johan enjoys exercising in the gym, running and sailing. To further balance office work, Johan seldom refuses the opportunity to repair, renovate or construct something.