Meet our trainees, Okko Takkinen and Antti Ihalainen

We are happy to introduce our motivated and diligent young trainees, Okko and Antti.

Okko is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Finance at the University of Turku. He has experience of asset and company valuations, and his special areas of interest include financial modeling and M&A. In his free time, Okko enjoys training in the gym and alpine skiing. He also has a team sport background in football.

Antti is a fifth-year student at Aalto University School of Science, majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management. He has experience of digitalization projects from multiple companies within the forest industry. Antti’s expertise focuses on analytical problem solving in the industrial setting, ranging from pricing to energy. In his free time, Antti plays football and also enjoys other outdoor sports.

We asked Okko and Antti about the company culture and analysts’ top skills.

How would you describe the company culture at VALOR?

O: I would say the culture at VALOR could be defined as low-hierarchy and solution-oriented. I like the fact that it is made very easy to ask for assistance from anyone, and people are truly eager to get to know you from day one.

A: Since my first day at VALOR, I’ve felt that the company is ambitious to go forward in both customer projects and internally. I truly enjoy VALOR’s low-hierarchical and entrepreneurial drive.

What do you think are the top skills an analyst needs?

O: I think the most essential skills for an analyst are the desire to learn new things, combined with great analytical skills. You face a lot of new and challenging problems in different industries, so you need to be proactive in consulting your more senior colleagues.

A: There are three skills I find most important. First, a growth-mindset and a passion to learn new things are important skills as an analyst. Second, one needs to have a great variety of problem-solving skills to be able to conduct a comprehensive analysis. And finally, communication and other soft skills are always important in any role.