Meet our trainee, Kalle Hiltunen

Kalle joined VALOR in October 2021. He has previously worked as a product management intern at Unity Technologies and as a data analyst at Neste. He is studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University.

Kalle’s main activity outside the office is going to the gym. He is also into a wide variety of different sports like golf, jogging, and tennis, which he participates in less regularly. In addition to sports, Kalle loves travel and visiting new places.

We asked Kalle about the surprises he has found in the new job and his thoughts about the VALOR office.

Has anything surprised you about the job in the first weeks?

Even though I anticipated a great trainee period, I was quite struck by how much emphasis VALOR places on enabling a positive trainee experience. Getting to know nearly all the other employees in scheduled 1-on-1 meetings provided a great start and having an opportunity to contribute to many completely different projects will surely be beneficial for helping me discover my interests.

The work so far has been anything but monotonous, and I’ve received some high-quality feedback to help me improve my skills. The relaxed and low-hierarchy culture makes the work fun and removes any barriers to asking for guidance.

What are the best things about the VALOR office?

Having worked remotely for the last eighteen months, going to the VALOR office has shown me how a physical office can provide a positive boost to productivity while making the work more fun. The office itself is spectacular and provides an astonishing view, and its central location enables easy commuting and access to various lunch restaurants. I’ve also taken the full benefit of all the snacks and drinks at the office – the combination of coffee and a protein milkshake especially provides a great boost for the day.