Meet our trainee, Akseli Sutinen

Akseli joined VALOR in September 2021. Akseli has experience in supply chain management, and he previously worked as a supply chain analyst and a master’s thesis worker at RELEX Solutions. He is finalizing his studies in Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University. Outside the office, Akseli enjoys all kinds of sports and plays football in a lower division.


I became interested in the possibility of combining my interests in operational improvement and management consulting at VALOR. I also got a great impression of the company at a recruiting event. The people at the event had a similar background to mine, which increased my urge to apply for the internship. A small company with experienced people will provide an excellent environment for me to improve my professional skills and learn about management consulting. 

Expectations vs. reality?

Before the internship started, I had heard a lot about the company from friends who had worked at VALOR. So I was pretty sure of what to expect. However, I was worried about starting a new job now that working from home has become the new standard. Yet I was positively surprised to be able to work at the office and meet my colleagues in person now that the restrictions have loosened. And one-on-one meetings with everyone at the company made sure I got to know new people and meet those who don’t work at the office regularly.

I was already assigned to my first project during the first week and received great guidance from the team in getting started. I was also delighted that my personal interests in various projects were considered well, and I was happy with the project I was assigned to.

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in working at VALOR too?

Be brave and apply for the position. And if something concerns you about the company, don’t hesitate to send a message. I’m sure anyone at VALOR will be eager to answer the questions about the job. If you have further questions regarding my experiences with the internship, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or other platforms.