Meet our new colleague, Mika Vihervuori

Mika joined VALOR in August 2021 after a seven-year tenure as the CEO of security and IT company Viria Group. He has more than 30 years’ experience in international managerial positions in medical technology, the printing and packaging industry, IT services, consultancy, and security technology. Mika lives and breathes strategy, from vision and business models to implementation. Mika enjoys spending time with his family and doing outdoor sports like mtb enduro, kayaking, skiing, or fixing his old house in Espoo.

We asked Mika about his expectations for the upcoming fall and his thoughts about small firm advantages.

You’ve worked for quite large companies like Viria and Tieto. What do you think are the biggest advantages of working for a small firm like VALOR?

The answer is simple: less bureaucracy and control. You don’t need many rules or instructions when everybody knows everybody, and things are based mainly on trust.

What are your expectations for the fall of 2021? Is there something you’re especially waiting for?

Starting in a new role in a small expert organization is a very exciting and refreshing thing as a whole, but I do greatly look forward to working with customers too.