Meet our new colleague, Anna-Rosa Lehto

Anna-Rosa joined VALOR in August 2021. Anna-Rosa’s main expertise lies in the healthcare and social care industry. She has worked in varied projects involving e.g. procurement, strategy, operational development, market analyses, benchmarking services, and cost and productivity analyses.

Her previous colleagues have described Anna-Rosa as a proactive team player who is particularly skilled in structuring complex problems, and facilitating client workshops and other collaboration.

Outside working hours, Anna-Rosa likes spending time outdoors, exploring nature with her dog or with friends and family.

What has been the most rewarding part of your new job so far?

I’m excited that I’ve been able to jump into interesting projects straightaway. I can already see the growth opportunities both the projects and the working environment at VALOR will bring, which I find rewarding. It’s also been great to meet all my talented new colleagues!

What does work-life balance mean to you?

Certain realities always apply in consulting, which to me means flexibility on both sides. When working with interesting cases and a great team, it’s motivating to challenge oneself, even though it sometimes means working longer hours. To balance it out, it’s of course important to have your own hobbies and routines, and to spend time with the team outside the office, for example.