From Trainee to Associate – Antti Lehtovirta

Antti Lehtovirta initially joined VALOR as a trainee in the autumn of 2018. After his internship he focused on finishing his studies at Aalto University School of Business, but also continued working as a part-time consultant at VALOR. Hard work pays off and Antti will soon hold a master’s degree in Finance. In May 2020 Antti joined our team as a full-time consultant.

As Antti has been part of our line-up for a while now, he is already familiar with our company’s culture and what it’s like to grow with the company. Antti shared his thoughts on what it is like to work as a consultant at VALOR.

“Based on my own experience, VALOR offers a rather quick path for a young consultant to discuss important questions with the management of our clients. Meeting seasoned professionals from varying industries requires you to consume new things quickly, which I have found to be intriguing. Simultaneously, the more experienced colleagues and partners are supportive, covering your back when you are close to being out of your depth in e.g. way too technical telecommunication market issues.

The freedom to complete my final courses while still getting a lot of responsibility in projects was something that I found motivating when working as a part-time consultant. In my opinion, one of VALOR’s main strengths as an employer is the way people are trusted to take responsibility while still given freedom to work in their own way.”