Supporting one of the largest cities to improve operational excellence in primary healthcare centers


VALOR and the client had identified a potential to improve operational efficiency in their primary healthcare operations. The early hypothesis included key questions such as whether: 1) variety in operating models and processes drove differences between units; 2) performance management and use of data was not optimal; and 3) scarcity of personnel was a key issue.


VALOR analyzed the operations from number of perspectives to create a data-driven basis for conclusions. Data analysis was then enriched by interviews and unit visits. Finally, we explored the findings and conclusions with the client’s project team.

VALOR role and results

VALOR was responsible for the project and end results. The key findings included several improvement items, which were segmented into categories. Categories included processes, and operating model and performance management. VALOR estimated that improvement items would result in a total 5–8% improvement in operational efficiency across the units.