Structure and governance model for organizing public rail operations in the Helsinki metropolitan area


Several light rail projects such as Jokeri Light Rail, Vantaa Light Rail, and Crown Bridges are under development across the metropolitan area, creating a need for shared competences and operations. At the same time, Helsinki is planning to incorporate HKL.

The West Metro is scheduled for finalizing in 2023. The next major metro project is to improve capacity by increasing automation. Managing this project in two separate metro companies is not optimal. This makes it necessary to initiate discussions about building a governance structure in which system-level projects and operations can be managed at metropolitan level.

VALOR role and results

VALOR created alternate solutions for organizing the light rail and metro operations across the Helsinki Metropolitan area. A governance structure optimizing synergies across the region while allowing flexibility for city-specific needs and interests was developed. Based on the outcome, the three cities are currently discussing how to proceed stepwise toward more integrated public rail operations.