Why Us


We believe that our power lies in our people. Every decision we make is rooted in creating lasting value for our clients. We create lasting value through building longstanding and trust-based relationships with the customers we serve. Trust is built through people. In addition to outstanding analytical strategic abilities, our people showcase uncompromising integrity. Winning through our people is deep in our DNA.

At VALOR you will work alongside talented, committed and experienced colleagues on solving the most challenging problems facing leading organizations in Finland and beyond. You will gain unrivalled exposure to senior executives and an unmatched chance to develop your capabilities in solving complex problems. At VALOR we genuinely care about our people and we are committed to supporting both your professional and personal growth.

The people who are successful at VALOR are highly motivated towards developing themselves and the people around them. They are high achievers but above all high aspirers. Our working mode is open and collaborative and we welcome your thoughts from the day you walk through our doors. The only way for us to deliver innovative and insightful client solutions is through continuous input from fresh minds. Our people are fun and vibrant individuals with interests ranging from wilderness exploration to craft beer sampling. While our work can be intensive, we truly believe in enabling a lifestyle that is sustainable for the unique life situation of every single of our people.

If you are intrigued by what we offer, why not consider applying for a position at VALOR. We’d love to hear from you whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned advisory professional.