Timo has worked in international general management positions at UPM, ABB, General Motors and Hyster, most recently as CEO of Ensto Group. Fourteen years of that time he worked in France. He is a board member in a number of Finnish and French companies. Timo holds an MBA from IMD (Switzerland), a B.Sc. from Helsinki School of Economics and an M.Sc.  from Helsinki University of Technology. He is fluent in French, English, Swedish and Finnish, and conversant in German.

In addition to his strong general management track record, his experience covers M&A, reorganization and profit improvement and growth strategy implementation in several countries. He has solid experience in modern energy efficiency of buildings and has worked as Chairman of the Board in Electrical Vehicle Charging company.

He lives in France but visits Finland on a regular basis, usually spending the summers in Finland. Timo’s spare time activities include hunting and outdoor life with dogs, swimming, skiing, golf and tending to his farm. He is a keen reader and together with his wife organises an annual art exhibition at their gallery.