Teija Kulmala

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About Teija

Teija joined the VALOR team on May 2022. Teija has about 30 years’ extensive experience in health sector both from public and private institutions in Finland and international field. Teija has worked over 10 years with Finnish and International NGOs, and National and International Universities and at THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) as a senior advisor and researcher especially in the field of Public Health. She has worked over 6 years in primary health care as Manager and Chief Medical Officer in Finnish municipalities. Since year 2014 she has focused in various executive management positions in private sector, the latest being COO at Pihlajalinna, which is one of the leading private social and health sector companies in Finland. Teija also served as a board member of the town board of Kangasala over 10 years.


MD, PhD, MBA in Social and Health Management from Tampere University. Teija is also specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

Outside the Office

Teija loves spending time with her family in their countryside home. She has three grown-up children. She enjoys especially hiking and travel.