Mika Vihervuori

About Mika

Mika joined VALOR in August 2021 after a seven-year tenure as the CEO of security and IT company Viria Group. He led the transformation of a regional telecom company to nationwide listing ready IT and security technology company. He has more than 30 years’ experience in international managerial positions in medical technology, the printing and packaging industry, IT services, consultancy, and security technology. As a Board member he has solid experience from growing shareholder value.


Mika lives and breathes strategy, from vision and business models to implementation. He has tried most of the common planning methods in practice and knows which tools are useful in each situation. He has conducted c. 25 M&A transactions, dealt with integration challenges, negotiated outsourcing agreements exceeding 100 M€ in TCV and defended a company during a hostile take-over. Business legislation, dispute and litigation have become familiar from the practical management point of view. Still, his real passion is to find better ways to fulfill future customer needs by means of strategy, digitalization, and service design.


Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, additional marketing management, business unit management and leadership studies at the Stockholm School of Economics and the Helsinki School of Economics.

Outside the Office

Mika enjoys spending time with his family and doing outdoor sports like mtb enduro, kayaking, skiing, or fixing his old house in Espoo.