Our newest team member, Aino Matikainen joined VALOR as an Analyst Trainee in March 2020. Aino is a fourth-year master student majoring in finance at Aalto University School of Business. Within these first two weeks Aino has shown true enthusiasm and motivation towards consulting as well as VALOR as a company. In a short time, she has become an integral part of our team.

Below you can read Aino’s thoughts on her internship at VALOR.

“These few weeks I have spent at VALOR have truly lived up to my expectations. During the first day I got assigned to an interesting project and each day since, I have had a chance to learn something new and develop professionally.

Being a trainee is a great way to see and learn what management consulting at VALOR actually is. VALOR has very versatile projects varying from M&A to strategy and operational projects. As a trainee I have a chance to impact on which kind of projects I am assigned to, and this way take all out of the trainee period. In addition, the introduction process to VALOR has been very smooth and well-organized, including also 1-on-1’s with the whole team.

Most importantly, VALOR has a supportive and encouraging atmosphere and a great culture. I have enjoyed spending time with my colleagues both at work and in more unofficial situations, such as in our monthly sport session. I look forward for the forthcoming spring at VALOR and the challenges it will bring. “